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This is the microsite all about the planned mini international trip to France in October 2015.


So after being in Belgium in August why are we going abroad again so soon?


Normally in October or November we hold our annual weekend in London.  We have been doing these now for the past 9 years and have just about exhausted all the sights and attractions.


So instead of the London Trip we are doing 2 nights\3 days in France instead.


Also, when we asked the Scouts what they wanted to do over the next 12 months in June 2014, a visit to France was one of the most popular choices.  On the current programme we have a ‘French Themed Sleepover’ which was inspired by that suggestion.  But also on that night, bookings will open for the trip to France.


Places will be limited to just 20 Scouts, as we are doing this jointly with another Scout Troop.  We have allocated the seats exactly in half.  So there will be 20 Scouts from each Troop and 4 Leaders.  Due to room allocations we do expect the Scouts to be mixed up and not separate rooms for the separate Troops.  There won’t be anyone by themselves though as we will put a minimum  of 2 from each Troop together.


All those going will need an individual passport that is valid until at least April 2016, but there is plenty of time for parents\guardians to get that organised.

The Date

The date of the trip is at the start of the half term holiday in October 2015.


So it will be Saturday 24th October to Monday 26th October

The Boulogne-sur-Mer hostel is located south of the city centre and makes a good base for exploring the old town, the big fish market and the Nausicaa sea life centre. It has a Common room, Games room, Garden, TV room, Pool table / snooker table.